Meet Nicole

I spent more than 2 decades in the public service arena. Upon arriving to Gwinnett County in 2006, I have devoted my time and career serving the community in a variety of capacities. 

She has built a 15+ year career serving the Gwinnett Community in many capacities. She has always had a heart for service which led her to her to work in the education, non-profit, and public sectors. Through those experiences, she learned that the communities’ greatest asset is and always will be its people. Communities thrive when their people thrive. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that communities have their basic needs met through education, advocacy, leadership development and policy change. When Nicole is not busy being an advocate in the community, she enjoys spending time with her Husband and son. Every decision she has made in life, has always centered on creating a future for her son and building a thriving community that he will be proud to call home.

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